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— Luke

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Personally, travel is my #1 passion in this world. Through it I have met some of my best lifelong friends and made countless memories from late nights drinking too much beer at the local pub, to a riding a slobbering camel (Big Chuck) through the dunes of the Sahara desert. Through our work in eCommerce and Digital Nomad lifestyle, I have vowed to grant 1 FREE ALL EXCLUSIVE TRIP ($3000 value), to one lucky winner after every 1000 website transactions. There will be another 500 entry tickets awarded through Blogs, Social Media, and Etc through the time it takes us to reach 1000 transactions.

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Who's LUKE Anyway?


  1. World Class Promoter of all brands, products, and team's SEEKING ADVENTURE.
  2. 5+ Years of Experience in eCommerce sales, online brand building, & international relationships. Leading Sainstore U.S. branch to #12 spot on Inc. Magazine Top 500 Fastest Growing American companies.
  3. Nephew of 3, Brother of 2, Owner of 1 MonoRover electric unicycle.
  4. Once awarded Ingram's 20 in their 20's entrepreneur award.
  5. Past Globekick remote work contributor
  6. Snapchat Influencer and frequent product giveawayer @lassenmacher

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